Webinar: Introducing Ironclad Connect

Connect your counterparty and internal stakeholders in one place and get contacts done faster with Ironclad Connect.

No matter how fine-tuned your internal processes are around contracts, there is one variable that is simply outside of your control: your counterparty.

Completing a contract requires that you and your counterparty come together through the alignment of multiple stakeholders across both teams. But how can you collaborate with your counterparty when the process of negotiating is completely disjointed?

Enter: Ironclad Connect, a new common ground uniquely built for direct collaboration on contracts.

Ironclad Connect enables you to see your counterparty as a partner working toward the same goal–an executed agreement. Don’t just take our word for it–watch our webinar recording below to see how Ironclad Connect helps you:

  • Minimize the time you spend negotiating a contract and close deals faster
  • Store all communication in one place–even attachments and months-long email threads
  • Keep every stakeholder in the loop when needed, without slowing down deals

Watch now: Introducing Ironclad Connect

Key takeaways

Connect makes it easy for your counterparty to:

  • View all the drafts that you’ve shared with them
  • Make changes of their own
  • Work with you right in the contract itself
  • Invite more of their own teammates
  • Add additional documents
  • Update their signer
  • Communicate with you, directly

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