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How Amadeus Revolutionized Its Contracting

Head of Legal Technologies and Processes Maximilian Henkensiefken recently shared how he led the implementation of Ironclad at his organization, Amadeus, a major provider for the global travel and tourism industry with 18,000 employees.

It's important to understand that not everything is about how much time and money an organization saves through tech, but also how we can reduce risk, provide a better quality of work for our internal clients, and a better experience for customers and vendors.

Maximilian Henkensiefken, Head of Legal Technologies and Processes, Amadeus

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Key takeaways

Here are some learnings from his conversation with Ironclad’s Director of Digital Success, Caitlin Wood:

  • Ask for a sandbox. Make whatever you are evaluating available to decisionmakers and users so that they can understand and appreciate the potential value in the first moments of first contact.
  • Enthusiasm is the secret ingredient to driving adoption. Real enthusiasm rubs off, but you have to be genuinely convinced what you are trying to implement is great.
  • Consider starting with a small win, to pave the way for bigger initiatives. Amadeus started with a pilot in one area, allowing them to pivot and test the benefit for other areas and to gain some experience.
  • Defining your first standard data model can be a daunting task, but it is a priceless resource to base all of your technologies on going forward. Starting with Ironclad’s basic data model as a launchpad gave Amadeus the opportunity to further define a data model for all contracts, as well as some more business unit specific contracts.


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