Let's Make a Deal Desk: Close More Deals, Faster

Learn how deal desk veterans who have worked at enterprise companies like Atlassian and Dropbox and are now applying their expertise to hypergrowth companies including GitLab, Miro, Modern Health, Lattice, and Templafy.

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Invest in your tools early, and create guardrails around and within those tools so that your salespeople can be efficient and self serve.

Jesse Rabbits, Sr. Manager, Global Deal Desk & Order Management, GitLab

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Key takeaways

Here are some learnings from their conversation:

  • Know your north star when creating a deal desk. There are many types of deal desk flavors, from operations-, pricing-, to strategy-focused, but ask yourself, what problem am I trying to solve right now?
  • Understand how your customers buy your products today. What is the current lead or quote cash process and who’s owning what parts of that process?
  • Align and build trust with executive and sales, finance, and legal leadership. If you understand what your overall business goals are, you can collaborate and meet and exceed their expectations.
  • The currency for deal desk is efficiency. Push for self-service and efficiency, such as a CPQ tool and CLM integration. You need a tool to manage your price book, pricing, discounting, and then ultimately produce an order form or other contractual document that a customer can execute.
  • Leverage your community. Deal desk is evolving and everyone can help each other in workshopping their challenges. Get started by joining the Deal Desk Association.
  • People help you grow, but tools help you scale 100%. Ensure people aren’t spending their time performing manual processes and automate as much as you can.

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