Rebranding Legal: An AMA with Anna Lozynski & Alex Su

This webinar lays out a list of strategies that can help you drive brand awareness for your legal team and strengthen your relationships across the company, including how to leverage data and craft communications to win the hearts and minds of your internal clients.

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We are humans first, and lawyers second.

Anna Lozynski

As lawyers we are trained to look at our individual performance, but as in-house legal we have to find ways to work with partners for the benefit of the team and not just ourselves. Our partners are used to the stigma that legal is the department of No. Changing the way we communicate, the tone we use, the risks we take can help rebrand legal as a beneficial teammate verses the angry principle. Communicate yourself as a help and encourage your stakeholders to give legal a visible presence in their business.

Key takeaways

Here’s some really important things you should remember:

  • think of the legal team as an influencer
  • data is incredibly important
  • make conversations between you and stakeholders as a team unifying opportunities








Watch Now: Rebranding Legal: An AMA with Anna Lozynski & Alex Su

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Get to know your stakeholders and partners so that you can communicate in a language they will understand. Find ways to show them that you are a team not two separate entities. Your stakeholders need to know that you are on their side using innovation and technology to take risks for them and their business.

Table of contents

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