The Brand of You: How to Launch and Grow Your Personal Brand

Effective personal branding helps you form new connections, build trust, and stand out from the crowd. It has truly become a valuable – and lucrative – opportunity for career growth. Lisa Lang and Alex Su, two experts who grew their social following astronomically to tens of thousands via LinkedIn and TikTok, recently hosted a live Q&A to discuss how they got started and share strategies for growing their brand online.

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Building a personal brand is not about gaming the algorithm or getting followers. It's about cultivating true and authentic connections so that I can grow relationships within my community.

Lisa Lang, General Counsel, Kentucky State University

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Key takeaways

Here are some learnings from their conversation:

  • Comment on LinkedIn. By commenting on posts in LinkedIn, you not only start building a relationship with the original poster (OP), you also get noticed by peers engaged in the same topic. This can lead to making new connections and strengthening those you already have.
  • Choose the platform that’s true to you. Whether it’s talking to a camera, or writing longform, reflect on how you like to share your voice. Experiment with different mediums to determine which social platform work best for you.
  • Create content that you care about. Whether it’s sharing a meme, personal story, or an article that caught your attention, adding your personal take on the subject will likely resonate with someone. Be willing to open up and be vulnerable in your share. However, do be mindful that you are attached to your employer, so tread carefully about speaking out on topics that are directly related to what’s going on at work.

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