CLOC Solutions Lab: Fast-track your contracts, while eliminating rogue contracting

This week, we’ve been learning from top leaders in the legal industry as part of CLOC’s Global Institute, the annual flagship event for legal operations, technology, and innovation.

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I would use perfection in a slightly different way, as it relates to change management and rolling out these different systems. Don’t get caught in analysis paralysis. Elicit enough information from your stakeholders, build the prototype, get it out in the wild, and then rapidly iterate.

Ashlee Best

Rogue contracting occurs when internal business partners negotiate their own agreements, leaving their legal teams completely out of the picture. The result is that if—and when—something goes wrong, legal then has to pick up the pieces and without much prior context. And often, legal teams only learn about random acts of contracting when something has gone wrong or gone differently than planned.

Key takeaways

Here’s some really important things you should remember:

  • Legal is a partner, not a roadblock. Perfection isn’t what you’re striving for, it’s about productivity and efficiency, and what you have to do to get there is test it all.
  • Be innovative and build trust. Innovation is important, but innovation doesn’t mean throwing different technology, tools, or resources at a problem, but [instead] you really need to dig deep and think about what you’re really solving for. And you need to build trust, whether you’re a lawyer or in legal operations, you need to take people in the organization along with you, and the only way they’ll do that is if they trust you.
  • If you build a system that just works, then people will use it. They’ll use the right system. So the analogy I’d make is Netflix vs. pirating. If you think about the time of Napster and you think about the time of stealing music—It wasn’t because people wanted to steal music, it was because it was a great user experience. It was a human-centered design of ‘I want that song on my iPod,’ if you remember those.








Watch Now: Fast-track your contracts, while eliminating rogue contracting


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In the panel, all four legal professionals share how they build internal trust, collaborate more, and solve the rogue contracting problem. These leaders use Ironclad to streamline their legal operations by:

  • Accelerating high-volume, high-value contracts
  • Implementing self-service capabilities
  • Configuring custom workflows to match their changing contract needs

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