Ironclad + Forrester: Contracts as your competitive advantage

Join us for a conversation featuring Forrester’s Sr. CLM analyst, Alla Valente, on the evolution of CLM and how digital transformation has changed how we contract.

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Key takeaways

Over the past decade, the world of business has undergone a complete digital transformation—and hit the fast-forward button on that innovation during the pandemic. Companies are digitizing their businesses from end to end, and it’s becoming clear that CLM and contract management are much more than simply managing and executing your contracts.

Contracts are the connective tissue of business; every single business decision in a company requires a contract, across every department. Historically, companies have tacked on CLM for specific motions: sales, HR, marketing, etc. But by approaching contracts as the atomic unit of business, contracts can not only streamline and accelerate your business—they become your competitive advantage.

In this webinar, our VP, Ecosystem, Amy Guarino, sits down with Ironclad COO Leyla Seka and Forrester Sr. CLM analyst, Alla Valente, to discuss:

  • Understanding how digital transformation has impacted the way we contract, the benefits of this new transformation, and what this transformation might look like in the future
  • How contracts act as guardrails for business risk from a mitigation standpoint, but also from an innovation standpoint—because you can only innovate as fast as your risk allows
  • How your contracts can act as a barometer of the general health of the business and provide deep insights into your obligations, business relationships, and growth
  • And of course, the Kim Kardashian crypto lawsuit

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