Introducing the Ironclad Ecosystem

Watch the full recording and demo videos from Ironclad Live below and learn about the new connected contracting ecosystem.

Some live talk shows rely on surprise paternity tests, others focus on awkward monologues and celebrity gossip. Ironclad Live(!) breaks the mold by inviting real customers and partners to talk about solving business problems through technology.

In this episode, Steven Yan, Senior VP, Product and Design, introduced the Ironclad Ecosystem, an array of tools and integrations to connect digital contracting with every business department. Now procurement, sales, HR, finance, marketing, and others can reap contract data insights in harmony with the tools and processes that work for them.

Enjoy the show

If you can spare fifty minutes, TV critics recommend watching the show in its entirety. That way you can benefit from the live viewers’ unscripted questions, learn from distinguished guests, and enjoy some light-hearted hiking boot banter. Stay tuned for commercials featuring social media star Alex Su – they just might make your day!

How Calm uses Ironclad x Salesforce to close more deals

Lauren Healy, Senior Deal Desk Analyst, and Jack Alexander, Account Executive, explain how these powerful partners help them spread mindfulness throughout the world.

How Chegg uses Ironclad x OneTrust to build risk assessments into contract workflows

Jonathan Schubauer, Data Privacy Technologist from Chegg, demonstrates how this one-to-one relationship between systems can be tailored for maximum efficiency, security, and data collection.

How our team uses Ironclad x Zapier to automate the contracting process

Ironclad’s Mikaela Waters gives a taste of how to manage a complex process by integrating with a tool that integrates with all the tools, so nothing can ever “fall through the cracks” again.

Thanks for joining us for Ironclad Live. If you’d like to learn more about how the Ironclad Ecosystem can extend the power of digital contracting throughout your business, get in touch with our team.

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