Highlights From State of Digital Contracting Spring 2022

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If you couldn’t attend State of Digital Contracting Spring live, you may not realize that a business webinar can actually be…healing? This is a chance to reflect on the interconnectedness of all things, then dive more specifically into new product features designed to break down walls.

We can’t mention State of Digital Contracting Spring without shoutouts to our emcee, Chris Young, always-versatile Alex Su, special guest Tuere Sala, and our very own DJ Thad with the Spotify event playlist that we’ve had on repeat all day.

Watch the Full Recording

While you can just skip to the business below, why not treat yourself to a few minutes of deep relaxation? The session begins with breathtaking footage of California’s redwoods set to ambient music—the perfect break for the middle of your busy day.

Introducing Ironclad Connect

Meet the new features solving the problem of separation in digital contracting. This is technology at its best—making things easier, more collaborative, and freeing up time that could be spent on living.

The Problem of Contract Negotiation

  • Contracts form a valuable relationship between your and your counterparty, but the process of negotiating is completely disjointed.
  • Ironclad’s product team worked on bridging that gap for years with features that enable you to share drafts and launch forms.
  • Ironclad Connect provides direct, instantaneous collaboration within teams and between parties. Connect is now live and free for all Ironclad CLM customers.

Product Keynote

  • Connect was beta tested with hundreds of customers sharing feedback about thousands of contracts over a six-month period. 
  • Beta testing revealed that contracts negotiated through Ironclad Connect were (on average) more than 40% faster! Contract cycles were shortened by days and weeks across NDAs, MSAs, HR, influencer agreements, and more.
  • Connect makes it easy for your counterparty to:
      • View all the drafts that you’ve shared with them 
      • Make changes of their own
      • Work with you right in the contract itself
      • Invite more of their own teammates
      • Add additional documents
      • Update their signer
      • Communicate with you, directly


Privacy and Security are Paramount

  • As a customer, your company has its own discrete account with data partitions, and so will your counterparties. Sending an invitation to collaborate doesn’t give them access to your data.
  • You can share messages and documents between the two accounts, but nothing gets shared unless you want it to.
  • Ironclad’s data policy, for customers and counterparties alike: we don’t sell it, we don’t spam, we don’t use it for marketing of any kind, and we provide full privacy and GDPR rights of data portability and erasure.
  • Bonus: find out what you should do if you stumble across a random USB drive lying in the street.

How Companies Like Bitmovin Use Ironclad Connect

See a reenactment of how real customers used Connect to quickly align all stakeholders to get the contract done. This has real Oscar potential!

Finding Balance Through Connection

“What we’re trying to do post-pandemic is to help people see that we’re actually connected to each other.” -Tuere Sala, Meditation Counselor, Former DA 

  • We’re all predisposed to a perception of separateness; it’s only human to get frustrated about things outside our control.
  • The “us vs. them” mindset is no longer sustainable in a complex, hyperconnected world.
  • Learn from a former prosecutor who found peace in the practice and teaching of insight meditation and mindfulness.

Peace Out

Thanks for joining us for the highlights of State of Digital Contracting Spring. If you’d like to learn more about how to connect with all of your stakeholders for a better contracting experience, request a demo here.

We’d love to see you again on June 9th for our next virtual installment of State of Digital Contracting, and registration is already open! You can register here.

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