Legal Geek Uncertain Decade Summit 2021: How to Rein in Rogue Contracts & Drive Organizational Alignment

We’re living in a perfect storm for rogue contracting: it’s easier than ever for business teams to initiate agreements on their own, and it’s harder than ever to collaborate with those teams to ensure good results. In this recorded session, hear how legal teams are regaining visibility, limiting risk, and empowering organizational alignment by wrangling in rogue contracts.

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There’s a deception that [as legal] you’re a blocker when your in fact an enabler.

Kirk Simmons

Rogue contracting is when internal business partners negotiate their own terms leaving legal out of the picture because they see legal as a tower of no. The result is if and when something goes wrong, legal is held responsible for fixing a mess with little to no context. The cause for this is partners see their legal teams as an obstacle keeping them from a their need to move fast as a company.  To bridge this gap legal needs to find a way to encourage collaboration with clients to help each party succeed.

Key takeaways

Here’s some really important things you should remember:

  • Make things frictionless – find out what the client wants, what your objective is and figure the path that achieves both.
  • Let them know you are on their side – remember there is a stigma that legal is a blocker, let your client know you are there to help them win!
  • Follow up with action – be an advisor, a working partner, with your client.
  • Develop a well designed workflow – create a system where constant back and forth communication isn’t necessary.
  • Be transparent – let your client know where things are.








Watch Now: How to Rein in Rogue Contracts and Drive Organizational Alignment

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Improving relations between your partner and legal can be a challenge, but if you introduce some socializing change the task becomes more than possible.

Focus on maintaining a client centered approach

  • Empower your client by providing as much self service as possible. The less they have to question and ask you, the more support they will feel.
  • Be enthusiastic and creative when rolling out new processes and ideas.
  • Provide visibility to your client so they can see exactly where they are in the process.

Table of contents

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Rogue contracting occurs when internal business partners negotiate their own agreements, leaving their legal teams completely out of the picture.
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