NFTs: Fad or Future?

NFT stands for non-fungible token. But, what are they really, and why should you care? Check out the full recording below!
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The technology behind NFTs is revolutionary because you can verify proof of ownership in our digital world on an immutable ledger, the blockchain. We're seeing the first iteration of this technology in the form of digital art.

Francesca Witzburg, Partner, Loza & Loza LLP

Watch now: NFTs: Fad or Future?

Some people are incredibly excited about NFTs and the value they offer, while others view them as a fad or even a scam.

Alex Su, Head of Community Development at Ironclad, recently hosted a lively debate with NFT newbie Leyla Seka (Ironclad’s COO), skeptic Chris Young (Ironclad’s GC), and subject matter expert Francesca Witzburg (Loza & Loza LLP Partner). They discussed the risks and rewards of NFTs as they relate to innovation, brand building opportunities, and wealth management.

Key takeaways

Here are some takeaways from the conversation:

  • Know your why. Evaluate your goals for investing in NFTs before you jump in.
  • Do your research. Gain a basic understanding of crypto and NFTs. Francesca recommended watching YouTube videos to gain a foundation in the subject matter.
  • Be open to new ideas. The technology behind NFTs is revolutionary, and its use can go beyond digital art.