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Webinar Recap: Ironclad for Sales: Learn how to close better deals faster

Watch the recording to see how integrating your CLM with Salesforce streamlines collaboration between sales and legal teams in complex deal cycles.

In this live demo, Ironclad Enterprise Solutions Engineer Jesse Shao and Enterprise Account Executive Katie Howard Nelson walk through how Ironclad integrates with CRM systems like Salesforce to accelerate deal closures while staying compliant with legal’s requirements.  

The demo highlights a number of key features of Ironclad’s integration with Salesforce, which allows sales teams to: 

  1. Initiate contracts from within Salesforce seamlessly

  2. Speed through AI-assist contract negotiation and review

  3. Collaborate and route approvals through a centralized platform 

  4. Self-serve from within predefined guardrails

Broadly, Ironclad’s integration with Salesforce helps reduce contract cycle times, decrease redlining, and improve efficiency for both sales and legal teams. The implementation process is also user-friendly, with timelines varying based on organizational complexity.