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Sales + Legal = The Most Efficient Path to Revenue

Hear from executives at Salesloft and Ironclad on how they're reducing negotiation rates by 43%, accelerating deal cycles, and more. Check out the full recording below!

Be the one people root for. Develop trust by getting to know someone and showing you care by doing the little things. Don’t wait for something to happen before you have to reach out to Legal.

Steve Goldberg, Chief Revenue Officer, Salesloft

Watch now: Sales + Legal = The Most Efficient Path to Revenue

Ever had the deal that got away? At the end of the quarter, you don’t want to be the one who sent the wrong version of a contract, costing you a multi-million dollar win! These mistakes can easily be avoided with the right tools, processes, and cross-functional teamwork.

Learn how Salesloft Chief Revenue Officer Steve Goldberg, Ironclad Chief Sales Officer Dean Cormier, and General Counsel Chris Young have aligned their teams to get to revenue faster — and smarter.

You’ll learn how these leaders use Ironclad to:

  • Reduce negotiation rates by 43%
  • Accelerate the deal cycle
  • Get contract visibility into forecasting

Key takeaways

Here are some tips from our panelists:

  • Institute a “no negotiation” threshold. Through instituting a dollar threshold on our sales contracts, our redline rate under the threshold decreased by 89% year-over-year, with no loss of deals. We’ve found this approach to be popular with our sales team as it gives them a very firm foundation to push back on redlines. The threshold can also be moved up over time as your company’s risk calculus changes.
  • Hitting SLAs (or SLC, “service level commitments” as GC Chris Young calls them), are critical. The sales team needs to be able to convey expectations to the customer, and if they can’t the customer experience will be adversely impacted.
  • Because every minute counts, save time by viewing deals in real-time in Ironclad. A Salesforce veteran, Ironclad CSO Dean Cormier noted that he sees deals at different stages of approval, various thresholds, and much more in real-time on Ironclad where the deals are created. This saves him hours of waiting for the data to sync back to Salesforce, and he can troubleshoot any points of friction faster than before.