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How to Unlock the Strategic Value of CLM through Legal and IT Collaboration

Watch the recording to learn how legal and IT teams can partner to align processes, technologies, and strategies to drive strategic value through CLM.

As organizations embrace AI, adapt to regulatory change, and prepare to navigate unprecedented levels of business risk, Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) increasingly is tapped to address strategic business priorities. Alla Valente, Senior CLM Analyst at Forrester and Jim Farley, Head of Enterprise Architecture at Ironclad recently sat down to discuss the importance of legal and IT collaboration in order to truly capitalize on CLM’s potential. Here are a few takeaways from their conversation.

Key Takeaways

  • CLM provides strategic value. Organizations now leverage CLM as a strategic tool to gain visibility, drive innovation, and adapt to change. CLM has evolved beyond a transactional process to become the “connective tissue” that operationalizes business strategy within organizations.
  • IT + Legal Collaboration. IT and legal teams must collaborate closely to successfully implement and utilize CLM. IT participates in 64% of CLM purchasing decisions, and this partnership aligns technology with business goals, ensures full CLM system utilization, and reduces tech debt.
  • Use your CLM for risk management. CLM can help mitigate risks from third-party relationships, regulatory compliance, and emerging technologies like generative AI. CLM can provide critical insights into exposures and obligations to help make business critical decisions.
  • Pragmatic AI Implementation. With 62% of organizations implementing or planning to implement AI tools, it’s important to focus on achieving tangible benefits and pragmatic value from AI in CLM. Consider associated risks and compliance requirements when implementing AI in your contract management processes.

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