101 Ways to Use Clickwrap

No matter the size, industry, level of risk appetite, or online presence, there is some way to leverage clickwrap agreements, which are contracts “signed” by clicking or checking a box, within your business to improve your contract management processes. Applying the Acceptance Mindset–the concept that contracts don’t need to be “signed” to be accepted and valid–to your high-volume, high-velocity contracts helps you think outside standard contract practices and innovate not just in your legal department, but across the business as a whole.

This guide explores all of the potential uses for implementing clickwrap for departments across your entire organization. We’ll cover when and how to use clickwrap to:

  • Optimize contract negotiation processes
  • Simplify the buyer experience
  • Speed up sales cycles
  • Manage risk and compliance

…and more!

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 Now more than ever, speed is important to every team – sales, product, HR, marketing, procurement, and channel. Which means clickwrap agreements can work for every department, especially when working with legal to craft unique, pre-approved terms.

Clickwrap can be embedded on your website, presented via a dedicated URL, or delivered by text and instant messages. They are perfect for all agreement types and are perfectly suited for improving business function and achieving departmental goals. The nature of these agreements demands a higher level of both scrutiny and security, making it imperative that businesses have a handle on not only how agreements are presented and accepted, but how to prove acceptance.

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