clickwrap litigation trends: 2021 report

The global pandemic has increased the need for and use of clickwrap agreements 

Yet, 43% of companies failed to enforce their clickwrap terms in court because of the design of their screen.

This is because while most companies know they need a seamless way to present their terms to users during online transactions, they are unaware of the best practices to follow to make them enforceable.

Our latest report presents statistics and best practice checklists that can help.

Front cover of Clickwrap Litigation Trends: 2021 Report

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“This year, even heavily regulated industries like finance used clickwrap for their online agreements. In fact, finance made up 18% of clickwrap cases (compared to eCommerce and gig economy companies at 15% and 11% respectively).”

—Clickwrap Litigation Trends 2021

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  1. The analysis of clickwrap best practices and best practice violations by industry
  2. The unique trends brought on by the pandemic
  3. The connection between current court rulings and precedent rulings in the development of clickwrap litigation 
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Front cover of Clickwrap Litigation Trends: 2021 Report

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