Why DocuSign CLM customers are switching to Ironclad

Since acquiring SpringCM, DocuSign has introduced DocuSign CLM as the successor of SpringCM. That rebrand doesn’t solve any of SpringCM’s underlying issues, though. Customers of both SpringCM and DocuSign CLM are switching to Ironclad for its ease of use, powerful Workflow Designer, and in-house Customer Success team. Here are their stories.

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DocuSign CLM vs. Ironclad
DocuSign CLM vs. Ironclad


Keys to deploying a contract lifecycle management (CLM) system successfully


Rapid time-to-value and the ability to make configuration changes in real time


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100% user adoption, thanks to a consumer-grade platform


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A Customer Success team that brings legal operations and technical expertise


Change Management

Easy to configure, easy to adopt

A Legal Contracts Administrator at a leading cybersecurity company used to spend 50-60% of her time fixing issues with SpringCM. The system’s confusing interface and lack of configurability led many users to go around to the system and email her directly. Her legal team didn’t prevent her from looking for alternatives, they encouraged it. 

Today, with Ironclad, that Contracts Administrator is able to keep all users in the system, and Sales and Legal easily manage contracts in Ironclad rather than dealing with email threads and manual version control.


“Getting a document template configured was very challenging with DocuSign CLM. And if you made a mistake, it was very hard to fix. With Ironclad, all I have to do is highlight some text and get some drop-downs and conditions—it’s very easy.”

Contracts Administrator, Cybersecurity Company

Wall-to-wall contract coverage

The versatility to handle all your contracts

DocuSign CLM and SpringCM are designed for sales and procurement contracts, but struggle with HR, Marketing, and other contract types. That puts a low ceiling on the ROI they’re able to offer, and it tends to create contract siloes. 

A leading financial technology company switched from SpringCM to Ironclad so that it could automate and manage all contracts with Workflow Designer, Ironclad’s no-code contract automation tool, and keep contracts of all types in Ironclad’s Dynamic Repository. 

“Ironclad is heavily embedded in our culture. We’ve automated over 25 contract types in Workflow Designer and are always thinking of how else we can use Ironclad to streamline contracts across our business.”

– General Counsel, Leading Financial Technology Company



Long-term Partnership

Expert implementation and rapid time-to-value

After using SpringCM for four years, a leading A/B testing software company still felt it wasn’t getting the most it could out of its contract management system. The company’s legal team felt taken for granted and was told by SpringCM that any system changes would require a six-figure implementation bill.

Since switching to Ironclad, the company has been impressed by the thought partnership that Ironclad’s Legal Engineers bring to the engagement, especially when it comes to best practices for legal operations.

SpringCM made us feel like a legacy client. We were able to meet Ironclad Customer Success team members even before we signed and have been really impressed by the partnership we’ve formed.”

Legal Operations Lead, Leading A/B Testing Software Company

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