A Guide to Managing Online Legal Terms for Technical Teams

Your terms of service are the most important contract in your business.

And that’s why they should be left to the professionals: the legal team.

Your terms are your business’s first line of defense – if your terms do not hold up, no other transaction on your platform really matters. So, how can you balance the importance of maintaining your terms and make a rapid and smooth experience for your buyers?

The good news: superior terms management and seamless user experience don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

In this eBook, you’ll learn:

  • What legal considerations to include for building terms management into your app
  • How to manage online terms in a way that will transform your agreements into seamless, automated transactions
  • Why screen design is one of the most important considerations
  • How to more effectively prepare for court

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In 2019, 75% of clickwrap cases featured companies trying to enforce their arbitration clause in court. The enforceability of the arbitration provision, of course, depends on the enforceability of the online agreement itself, which isn’t determined (only) by the content of the contract, but also by the design of the screen and the quality of records maintained.

—Guide to Managing Online Legal Terms for Technical Teams

Variable terms and unique products shouldn’t prevent a seamless experience. It is possible to build in powerful back-end functionality without disrupting the user flow. This eBook outlines more tips for the technical team trying to be a partner to legal. Rather than do their jobs for them to manage online legal terms, lots of unnecessary steps are eliminated for all parties involved. 

Elements of a contract

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