Getting Started with
Workflow Designer 

Learn How to Build your First Workflow

Webinar: February 11, 18 and 25

10:00-11:00 am PT / 1:00-2:00 pm ET

Want to become a Workflow Designer guru?  Come join us and learn how to build and launch your first Workflow! Workflow Designer puts you in the driver’s seat and allows you to create and launch your own contract workflows in a matter of minutes. You can use it to design business processes for your contracts, tailored to the needs of your organization. When business priorities change, you can update contract template language and change approval routing as needed, and ship instantly. With Workflow Designer, your contract workflows can be as agile as your business. 

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You will learn:
– How to upload contract templates, tag input fields, and configure the launch form
– How to configure your workflows to intake either your company’s paper or counterparty’s paper, or both
– How to create Conditional phrases, Reviewers and Signers
– How to automatically organize and save signed contracts to your cloud storage