Hard-Won Advice from Fitbit and Ironclad

Report: How to Modernize Your In-House Legal Team

Today’s legal teams find themselves tasked with more responsibilities than ever before. But new legal technologies have the potential to help in-house Legal scale its impact and shift from a cost center to a business value driver.

The legal teams at Fitbit and Ironclad accomplished just this type of digital innovation within their businesses by working collaboratively, aligning legal processes with business goals and owning change management.

In this guide, Eric Lentell (VP of Legal, Fitbit), Emelita Hernandez-Bravo (Head of Legal Operations, Fitbit), and Chris Young (GC, Ironclad) share their hard-won advice on:

  • Best practices for driving digital adoption in Legal
  • How to realign Legal expectations and successes in light of new technologies
  • Developing a culture that supports adopting leading-edge tech
  • The importance of strong culture in scaling Legal

Download the report here