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Learn everything you need to know to avoid litigation, get to agreement faster, and increase revenue with your high-volume, standardized contracts.

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From ToS and privacy policies to NDAs and order forms, this State of Digital Contracting is all about how to create self-service enforceable agreements to reduce negotiation and create better customer experiences.

The speaker line-up

Sheena Ferrari

Head of Global Legal Operations, Snap

Kathy Zhu

Associate General Counsel, Commercial & Legal Operations, DoorDash

Alex Su

Head of Community Development, Ironclad

Brian Powers

General Manager, Digital Acceptance, Ironclad

Mel Wong

Sales Manager, Enterprise Accounts, Ironclad

Chris Young

General Counsel, Ironclad

Here's what State of Digital Contracting attendees have to say

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A truly digital process to manage contracts empowers lawyers to do the highest leveraged work. Contract review, negotiation and execution no longer has to be the lawyer’s sole focus of their day with a tool like Ironclad.
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Loved learning about what is new in digital contracting, thanks @Ironclad ! The integration of broader business context into the contracting conversation is so important, and refreshing.

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Did you know that contracts manage every aspect of our life? Business contracts are even more complex, and Ironclad is making them manageable.

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Just when I thought I was at the leading edge, technologically... NOPE! Great presentation at State of Digital Contracting


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