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Introducing Ironclad AI, the most comprehensive suite of AI contract analysis and management tools that helps you unlock and capitalize on the data in your contracts. Speed up your business, drive powerful results, and operate more effectively with Ironclad AI.

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Take a guided tour of Ironclad's AI-powered contract review

Ironclad AI automatically analyzes contracts, flags areas that require a thorough review, and provides suggestions
on how to negotiate based on legal-approved guidelines. See how it works for yourself!

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Ironclad CAI

Reach answers you never thought possible

The most engaging, intuitive, and interactive take on a chatbot to hit the industry, Ironclad Contract AI – or Ironclad CAI – digests even the most complex prompts and the toughest contract management tasks. It will: 

  • Eliminate the need for complex search filtering logic
  • Visualize and analyze your data on demand 
  • Identify workflows or teams that need support 
  • Enable business users with no training to access the legal information they need easily


…empowering teams within and outside legal to radically transform their processes.

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"Our team asked CAI to justify a pay raise—and it was able to not only comprehend the question, but deliver a compelling argument based on contract turnaround times, TCV metrics, number of contract terms, and more."

Cai GoGwilt

Co-Founder & Chief Architect


AI Assist™

Speed up contract turnaround time

Powered by generative AI, AI Assist™ offers automatic redline suggestions based on the custom guidelines your team sets via AI Playbooks. With one click, Ironclad AI will:

  • Automatically comb through your contract
  • Identify unapproved clauses
  • Redline improper language for review


…turning your contracts around instantly, so your legal team can do more, faster.

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"Like many lawyers, I was skeptical of AI. But I wanted to try it, so I used Ironclad AI Assist to help draft a few clauses - and it was fast. I sent them to the counterparty and didn’t get a *single* redline back. It’s amazing how efficient you can be with AI."

Katelyn Canning

Head of Legal Operations



Extract contract data automatically

Ironclad’s AI-powered Repository uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to turn unstructured data files into searchable text. It will:

  • Automatically tag and index contract data via Smart Import
  • Detect 194+ contract properties, like contract value, counterparties, dates, and more
  • Eliminate the need for manual tagging


With a high integrity data extraction model, you’ll get an accurate, end-to-end view of how your company operates, so you can focus on the areas that drive your business forward.

" With Ironclad's Smart Import, uploading legacy contracts is 40-50% faster"

Daniela Lagoteta

Legal and Compliance Analyst



Review contracts 60% faster

Ironclad’s AI-powered Editor automatically converts any contract, including third-party paper, into a collaborative Word doc. Leveraging AI Playbooks, the Editor will:

  • Automatically identify key terms and clauses
  • Flag areas that may pose risk
  • Suggest pre-approved clauses and replacement language
  • Jump to prioritized sections instead of requiring line-by-line review


Teams using Ironclad say they review contracts up to 60% faster, giving them more time to focus on high value work.

Custom AI

Customize AI training to fit your business needs

Fine-tuning Ironclad AI lets organizations adapt existing models to their unique use cases. With Ironclad’s iterative Custom AI features, customers can: 

  • Create or train new clauses that are specific to their industry or use case
  • See custom clause updates reflected across AI-powered features, reducing the time and effort needed to manage and train the model
  • Control and manage which AI-detected contract properties should be available based on relevancy and priorities of the business
  • Restrict user permissions to control the impact of updates on AI accuracy and quality


Operate your business more effectively

Without accurate, real-time data, your business flies blind. Ironclad Insights analyzes your contract data so you can easily find the information you need, report on it, and take action. It will:

  • Report on key metrics like contract review times and upcoming renewals
  • Gather insights on correlations between contract data and sales impact
  • Provide both pre-built and customizable reports


Every report can easily be saved for re-use, shared, and exported, so you always have a pulse on your business.

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See our latest AI-powered features and learn how OpenAI, Airtable, & Everlaw use Ironclad AI.

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Catherine Choe

Director, Legal Operations & Strategy


Our goal is to keep legal out of 95% of contracts, and Ironclad's AI-driven workflows, permission controls, and analytics help us get there

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Delana Ha, Trish Chandiramani, and Chikezie Nkwuo

Contract AI FAQ

What is contract AI?

Contract artificial intelligence (AI) is machine learning technology that scans your digital contracts to manage, filter, extract and review contract data. It automates repetitive tasks so your time can be used more efficiently and strategically.

What is AI-based CLM (contract lifecycle management)?

Legal teams have used contract lifecycle management solutions for years to create, negotiate, manage, store, and analyze contracts. With the emergence of AI technology, CLM vendors introduce AI to their solutions to make the entire platform smarter. However, each CLM vendor uses AI in different areas, so it’s crucial to try it with actual contracts before making any purchase decision.

How does AI assist with contract review?

Traditionally, contract review requires an army of legal professionals to compare negotiated contracts with their playbooks in a spreadsheet or document. AI contract review software accelerates the process and greatly reduces the time to review contracts from hours to minutes. Ironclad AI scans through hundreds of pages in seconds and finds the unapproved and potentially risky clauses for the legal team to approve. Instead of reading the entire contract, the legal team can now focus on the provisions that need their attention.

What's the accuracy of Ironclad AI? Can contract AI make mistakes?

We train our AI models based on proprietary and open-source contracts across companies of various sizes, industries, regions, and business models. As a result, Ironclad AI can provide 90%+ accuracy for most contracts. We invite you to book a demo to try our AI with your contracts.

Does AI replace legal teams?

On the contrary, AI-based CLM makes legal teams more efficient and irreplaceable. Legal teams manage the business risks and provide strategic advice to the leadership team. However, they are often swamped with highly repetitive, labor-intensive, and time-consuming manual tasks daily. Ironclad provides an AI-powered end-to-end CLM platform that allows the legal team to focus on strategic projects for their organization.

How much does Ironclad AI cost?

Some of the more advanced AI features may be an add-on depending on your current plan type. Reach out to your Ironclad representative for more details.

How does Ironclad ensure responsible AI development and deployment?

Ironclad has established clear guidelines and principles for safe AI development, governance, and use. This involves recognizing the potential of AI while acknowledging its inherent risks, including inaccuracies and data distortion. To mitigate these risks, our AI responsibility principles adhere to legal requirements, ethical standards, and the company’s values. More information about these principles can be found here.

Where can I learn more about AI-based CLM?

You can find additional information about Ironclad AI in our support center, take a course at the Ironclad Academy, or schedule a demo with us today.