Ironclad Negotiation Playbooks

Your team’s ability to successfully navigate high-stakes negotiations is crucial to your company’s success. Ironclad’s Editor, Activity Feed, and Playbook equip your attorneys with the context and guidance they need to negotiate consistently and effectively. 

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Illustrated people together at computer
Illustrated people together at computer

Never miss a negotiation detail

Stay up-to-date with Activity Feed

Negotiation context is usually spread out across DOCX files, email threads, and redlines. That makes it tough to know where every issue stands.

The lack of a unified contract history doesn’t just lengthen negotiations, it puts your negotiators at a disadvantage as they try to trace the history of counterparty give-and-take.

Only Ironclad brings together information from every single source into a unified Activity Feed, no matter how complicated your negotiations get, so you can quickly understand how a deal has evolved.

Grow your knowledge base

Quickly formalize best practices

Your team develops negotiation positions and strategies in every crucial deal, but those lessons aren’t captured anywhere. Ironclad lets you incorporate lessons from every negotiation into a shared knowledge base.

Ironclad’s iterative Playbook capability allows your team to save clause annotations during a negotiation, ensuring that insights from every negotiation is saved for future reference.

The result is a knowledge base that becomes more valuable over time, rather than becoming outdated. 


Contract workflow

Empower every negotiator

Ensure consistency with Playbooks

Inconsistency across negotiations can expose your company to business and legal risk, but it’s hard to ensure consistency across deals when your attorneys have different levels of experience and working styles.

Only Ironclad combines in-app contract editing with Playbook, our contextual clause library that surfaces the right precedents at the right time.

That way, your previous negotiations serve as a jumping off point for future deals, and your attorneys can negotiate contracts consistently.

The first differentiator was that Ironclad’s UI is very clean, seamless, and intuitive. The second thing we needed was a full-scale redline solution. The negotiation aspect of the contract process was very important. There was nothing else on the market that could do what Ironclad did.

Ezinne Okpo, VP of Legal, Reonomy


How Reonomy’s One-Person Legal Team Implemented Ironclad in Record Time

VP of Legal Ezinne Okpo found “nothing else on the market could do” what Ironclad did and, with the platform, forged an efficient contract process that “thrilled” teams across her company.


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