State of Digital Contracting

Summer 2022


The new keys to contracting success

Forget what you’ve learned about contracts! We’re going back to school to learn from some of the biggest innovators in digital contract management. Save your seat below.

Mary O'Carroll,

Chief Community Officer, Ironclad

Here's a sneak peek from the principal of Ironclad Academy
State of Digital Contracting Summer Trailer Video ft. Principal Su

Here’s what attendees have to say

State of Digital Contracting is a breath of fresh air in a stressful week–thank you!

This is by far the best presentation. I’m utterly impressed.

State of Digital Contracting shows a vision of a truly digital process to manage contracts today.

Meet your teachers and fellow classmates

portrait of octivia marcel
Octivia Marcel
Contracts Manager, Qualia
David Wieseneck
VP Finance, Demostack
Daniel Tarle
Senior Legal Operations Analyst, Asana
Ashlee Best
Head of Global Legal Operations, Asana
Ken Carter
General Counsel, Bitmovin
portrait of ben lazar
Ben Lazar
Assistant General Counsel, Thumbtack
Mary O'Carroll
Chief Community Officer, Ironclad
Alex Su
Head of Community Development, Ironclad
Chris Young
General Counsel, Ironclad
DJ Thad
Support, Ironclad