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Ironclad Clickwrap is the fastest, easiest way to gather a legally binding digital acceptance, helping forward-thinking companies manage high-volume contracts like terms & conditions, NDAs, and more. Limit risk and provide a seamless experience? Win.


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Clickwrap on a mobile phone
Clickwrap on a mobile phone

We've powered over 1 billion agreements for the world's biggest brands.

Speed contracts from creation to acceptance 

Clickwrap’s user interface was designed for faster, easier contract creation – from uploading contract templates online to getting your first line of code deployed. With easy-to-follow, personalized blueprints for implementation, you don’t need technical resources to manage creation or versioning for any online contract, from renewal agreements to NDAs and more.

“With Clickwrap to help us manage our NDAs, what used to take about 27 days, we’re now doing in 2 hours” 

Daniel Michalek
Legal Operations Manager, Branch
Clickwrap Terms of Service
mobile screen showing clickwrap options

Create a seamless digital experience 

Ironclad Clickwrap is the only solution purpose built to make one-click acceptance fast and easy-to-use on any device. Tags and dynamic clickwraps can bring any complex document into the digital space, while our Snapshots feature automatically captures visual evidence from wherever the Clickwrap lives – on computers, tablets, smart devices, TVs, gaming consoles, and more. 

 “Customers are in and out of the contract signing process much faster than before, which means higher customer satisfaction and more completed deals.” — Extra Space Storage 

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Extend the power of CLM with Clickwrap

Now it’s as easy to get your one-click agreements online as it is to create a contract in Ironclad CLM. Transform any contract so legal and business users can self-serve, plus provide a unified repository where users can search, sync, and analyze any contract – from high-volume online agreements to traditional one-to-one contracts – all in a single view.


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