Ironclad for Sales: Control, Manage, and Close More Deals

Hear from Ironclad's sales leaders on how they use Ironclad to create scalable closing processes. Check out the demos below!

Our deal desk uses Ironclad to balance efficiency and governance. We're able to create guardrails upfront to limit customization that the field does and help my team focus on high-value, complex deals.

Debraj Panday, Sr. Director, Sales Strategy

Deals move fast. To keep up, your contracts must be faster. Check out the demo videos below to learn how Ironclad sales and operations leaders Debraj Panday, James Honsa, and Mel Wong use Ironclad to:

  • Leverage Salesforce CPQ to create a scalable closing process that’s easy and fast for your whole team
  • Give sales, legal, and finance full context on every deal, allowing everyone to get up to speed in minutes
  • Analyze 100s of deals to plan and deploy better territories and forecasts


How sales reps create contracts with Salesforce CPQ


In this demo, we’ll walk through the perspective of a new sales rep who just joined your company. They’ve gotten their first deal ready to a stage where the prospect wants to review an order form and hopefully get this deal booked.


How deal desk drives efficiency with insights from contract data

See how our deal desk team uses Ironclad to find the right balance between efficiency and governance by creating the right guardrails upfront to limit the amount of customization that the field does. It helps resources like deal desk, finance, and legal spend their time on high-value, complex deals.

How sales managers know exactly where every deal stands

See how sales managers use the Ironclad dashboard to create custom views like contracts created last 60 days and understand exactly what their team is working on. Instead of constantly asking your team “where is this deal at?”, managers can see if the counterparty has engaged with the agreement, any approvals that need to happen, and collaborate with internal and external stakeholders all in one place.



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