Supercharge Your Commercial Legal Team

Faster deal times, easy collaboration, and total visibility into your data with the one system built for in-house legal departments.
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Speed up common legal and business workflows by making more contracts self-service.


Prioritize and manage tasks across team members with more context and transparency.


Automatically capture key contract data in a highly searchable database.

Your central system for contracts

Accelerate the contract process with automated information requests, redlining, signatures, storing, and filing. See and manage commercial legal work in one place.

Integrates seamlessly with core software

Keep using the cloud storage, e-signature, and CRM tools your company trusts, including Dropbox, Docusign, and Salesforce.

Keep your team in the loop

See all your contracts in a convenient dashboard, with built-in tracking of every key milestone. Be up-to-date with the status of any contract. Never miss a deadline or renewal again.

Built-in legal assistant included

Stop worrying about signature blocks. One system to set and track reminders, provide automatic follow-ups, and signal when something needs your attention.

Detailed contract data stored automatically

An end-to-end process that already knows key contract data to collect and store for later use. Your legal team can customize the right metadata tracking system from day one.

Make your team data-driven

A searchable database lets you slice and dice contract data to spot trends, anticipate issues, and align contracts with your business goals. Gain insight with deal tracking and KPI analysis.

Our Customers

“Platzi's offices are worldwide, so we have a complex set of international contracts. Ironclad helped us get everything in one place so we always have quick access to the information we need.”

Christian Van Der Henst @ Platzi

“Ironclad bridged the gap between legal and the rest of business. We now process contracts faster than ever before. Our employees love Ironclad.”

Liza Kotinskaya @ Gusto

“Since getting onto Ironclad, we’ve seen a reduction in cycle time for investment documents and a better audit trail. I would absolutely recommend Ironclad to everyone.”

Neil Dugal @ 500 Startups

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