clickwrap litigation trends: 2022 report

Understanding how the courts assess online agreements is a crucial way to protect your business from risk. 

Yet 34% of online agreements were not enforced in court thanks to nonoptimal screen design, lack of evidence, and/or poor version control. How can your company design online agreements for enforceability?

With the best practices in our Clickwrap Litigation Trends Report, legal teams can help product and technical teams understand the requirements for generating enforceable online agreements. 


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“Because browsewrap agreements do not require the user to take any sort of affirmative action to agree to the terms, they are not best practice for online agreements. No browsewrap agreements were enforced in 2021.”

—2022 Clickwrap Litigation Trends Report

In this report, you’ll learn: 

  1. How clickwrap, sign-in-wrap, and browsewrap performed in court across 2021
  2. Litigation trends by industry and agreement type
  3. Predictions for the future of clickwrap litigation.
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