When your contracts move fast, your business moves fast.

Legal should not be a black box but a data-driven driver of business. Fast-track your business with the only platform built by Legal for Legal.

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Easy to learn and use

Consumer-grade usability not just for legal, but for business users across your enterprise.

Seamless integrations

Seamless integrations with Salesforce, e-Signature, cloud storage, and more.

Your workflows, your way

Design workflows on your own, without months of implementation, and deploy them in minutes.

Build and deploy workflows for your contracts in minutes

No code or technical expertise necessary

Legal teams can build complex contract workflows and approvals in an entirely drag-and-drop UI, without entering a single line of code.

No implementation time

Build, test, and deploy workflows in minutes, rather than waiting months and years for implementation.

Powerful conditionality for any type of contract

Specify dynamic and conditional approvers and signers on any contract, regardless of type (e.g., Sales, Finance, Marketing).

Fast-track your contracts


Empower your business users to launch any type of contract on their own, within guardrails.

Baked-in compliance

Manage and update your templates in one place to reduce risks from rogue contracting.

Instant document generation

Contract creation takes seconds, not days or weeks.

Collaborate across your enterprise

Red-line previewing

Preview & incorporate changes to documents from directly in the platform.

Complex approvals

Trigger complex approvals based on answers in the Launch form.

Cross-functional collaboration

Track activities and involvement to pull in the right people at the right time.

Seamless integrations


Powerful contracting in Salesforce and Ironclad to speed sales cycles.

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Keep track of documents and power your negotiations by forwarding email chains directly into Ironclad.

E-signature & cloud storage

Request signatures and automatically store documents in your preferred e-sig and cloud storage solutions.

Illuminate and unlock data


Centralize, search, and act on your contracts and contract data.

Balance search & control

Powerful search coupled with granular permissioning lets you balance information access with control.

Report on process metrics and contracts data

Create reports and dashboards to track KPIs and productivity metrics.


Ironclad is built on secure infrastructure that ensures your contracts are protected while being transferred, stored, and processed. We also enforce a comprehensive set of policies that proactively mitigate risks and build a culture of security at Ironclad. Ironclad is SOC 2, Type II compliant.

We take security seriously. Report any issues.

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