AI-Powered Contract Repository

Transform the way you operate with Ironclad’s AI-powered contract repository. With all your contracts in one place, you’ll have the full context of your agreements, from creation to close, right where you need it.

Upload contracts at scale, then search, track, and extract data quickly to identify trends and opportunities. Ironclad’s contract repository lets you upload contracts 75% faster while saving up to 40% on costs.

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Upload and index contracts at scale

Now you can upload your contracts – both structured and unstructured – at scale. Ironclad’s Smart Import uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to scan your contracts, index them, and store AI-detected properties that you can search, filter, and analyze immediately. Our repository automatically detects contract properties, removing the need to manually tag.

"With Ironclad’s Smart Import, uploading legacy contracts is 40-50% faster and we get 2-3 times more contract data than before. It solves one of my biggest pain points."

Daniela Lagoteta

Legal And Compliance Analyst



Find agreements faster

Locate agreements quickly with a powerful search experience designed specifically for contracts. Our advanced search features allow for the most granular search syntax. Marketing teams, for example, can search publicity to see which customers have agreed to potential case studies, while HR teams can search equity to see which employees have been granted stock options.

"I like having a fully searchable repository so I can find data and information when I need it."

Sandra Jadur

Associate Director

Contracts at Innovapptive Inc


Visualize your contract data

Unlock your contract data with Ironclad Insights, our AI-powered contract analytics tool. Ironclad is the only CLM platform with a contract repository that stores both process and contract data, letting legal and business teams monitor KPIs, renewals, and contractual obligations without the help of developers or outside teams.

"Ironclad Insights gives us the data we need to make informed, impactful decisions based on contract data that was previously impossible to define."

Daniel Michalek

Legal Operations Manager



View operations from end to end

Use the contract repository to trace the full audit trail of every contract generated on Ironclad, including who created the contract, what’s redlined, time spent between your company and counterparty, and more. All information is at your fingertips and you can use it to optimize the process and move your contracts faster.

"This has been a game changer for us. For the first time, we have visibility across all our contracts, past and present, with minimal investment."

Sarah McGonigle

Associate General Counsel


Reonomy logo

Ezinne Okpo

VP of Legal


On any given day, I receive a number of questions like ‘What was the exclusivity term?’, ‘What were the pricing terms of that?’ Being able to quickly pull up the terms of any agreement, filter, and tag certain things on Ironclad has been essential.

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