Ironclad's Contract Data Repository
Ironclad's Contract Data Repository

Dynamic Data Repository

All Your Contract Data, Right at Your Fingertips

Capture and secure your agreements. Answer questions instantly. Leverage contract data to reduce risk, automate business, and discover new opportunities. 

Ironclad’s Dynamic Repository brings contract lifecycle management into the modern era of intelligent, intuitive, zero-training-required enterprise software. With a blend of power and simplicity, Ironclad helps teams unlock the most underutilized source of business intelligence: contract data.

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Your Contract Data Illuminated


Contracts and metadata, all in one place

Contracts end up all over the place: email, cloud storage, local storage…sometimes, believe it or not, in physical filing cabinets. As a result, there’s no way to secure your agreements, or to efficiently find what you’re looking for.

Whether you’re dealing with legacy or third-party paper, Ironclad’s Smart Import gives you the most advanced AI technology on the market for contract ingestion, so you can build an accurate and complete source of truth for your contracts. With everything in one place, you can rest assured that contracts are secure, while unlocking new ways to leverage completed agreements.


Answer contract questions in seconds

When’s the renewal date on x? What’s our liability on y? Traditionally, it takes time and expertise to answer questions about completed agreements. As a result, contract professionals get stuck fielding ad hoc information requests, and a lot of questions go unanswered.

Ironclad makes it beautifully simple to find the contract you’re looking for and see what it contains — often without reading a word of legalese. You can build reports, and enable business users to help themselves with as much (or as little) of the contract data they need.

Finally you can access your contract data
Contract date reminders, never forget a contract again.


Put your contract data to work

Contracts contain an array of mission-critical contract data. Who does what? When? For how long? What happens if they don’t? Businesses run on this information. Yet the vast majority of companies depend on individual employees to extract and share it, leading to massive inefficiencies and opportunity costs.  

Dynamic Repository gives contract data a life of its own. With intelligent alerts, process automation, and cross-system integrations, you can break down the barriers between your contracts and the rest of your business to drive efficiency, accuracy, and intelligent decision making.

If you can use Spotify, you can use Ironclad’s Repository.

— Ashlee Best, Legal Ops Manager, Asana

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