Ironclad AI for Smarter Contracting

Ironclad combines the world’s most powerful AI technology—Google Cloud AI—with a deep knowledge of legal workflows to provide a suite of smart contracting capabilities for CLM.

The result? Smarter contracting: faster, more accurate, less manual contracting, right when you need it the most. 


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Partner with the best

The only CLM to partner with Google Cloud AI

It takes a phenomenal amount of time and money to develop deep learning technology. As a result, companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon are light-years ahead of everyone else.

That’s why we’ve developed Ironclad’s proprietary contract AI models in partnership with Google Cloud AI.

By pairing Ironclad’s expertise in contracting with Google’s Cloud AI technologies, Ironclad’s customers will have access to the most powerful ML features for years to come.

Practical applications

Providing value from day one

Many CLM vendors offer AI with a catch: it takes time, money, and tons of your own data to train and maintain AI models that work.

We take a different approach. Ironclad’s contract AI models work great out of the box on all types of business contracts, with no extra investment from you.

And since Ironclad’s models are built in partnership with Google Cloud AI, they’re always at the forefront of what’s possible with today’s latest ML technology. 


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Expectations v. Reality

The elusive promise of AI

There’s no shortage of tech companies that promise to solve all your problems with artificial intelligence. But the truth is that AI is still a long way from being able to replace the complex work of negotiation, collaboration, and analysis.

That’s why Ironclad’s AI doesn’t try to do the job for you. Instead, we apply the technology at precise touchpoints to minimize everyday contracting busywork for everyone involved.

As a result, Ironclad users can spend more time on high-value tasks that require focus, connection, and creativity.

With Ironclad, you don’t have to review the same contract multiple times with different people. Ironclad facilitates the signatures, the review process, the redlining, and negotiating — it really is seamless.

Elyssa Dunleavy, Assistant Vice President, Advertising Counsel, L’Oréal USA

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