Ironclad for Collaboration and Negotiation

Ironclad Editor is the first collaboration and negotiation tool designed to help legal teams manage the contract redlining and revision process in one place—without forcing counterparties to do the same. Edit, comment on, and track changes in DOCX files while staying connected to your colleagues.

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Redline and edit contracts more efficiently

Traditionally, contract management tools have forced users to choose between basic in-browser editing and desktop plugins. In-browser editors haven’t allowed users to work on DOCX files, and desktop plug-ins have siloed users within Microsoft Word. With Ironclad Editor, you get the best of both worlds: a DOCX-native experience and the ability to collaborate with colleagues in a shared platform.

"Collaboration and transparency between legal, sales, and customer support when we're trying to quickly get an amendment, contract, or any legal document out the door. It has improved SLAs and speed of response and completion time by at least 25%."

Nick Avagliano

Senior Customer Revenue Manager



Loop in colleagues for contract review

With @mentions and internal comments, you can loop in colleagues for their opinion in a matter of seconds. Without Ironclad, bringing in a colleague would require saving a document, attaching it to an email, and waiting for their response. And because you’re bringing your colleagues into workflows, you can be sure that they’ll always be looking at the latest version of a contract—not a version you emailed them a week ago.

"Legal, deal desk, and sales collaborate on redlines right in Ironclad. It’s foolproof to know which documents have been approved and what needs to happen next."

Ashley Hanks

VP, Head of Commercial Operations



Accept/reject tracked changes

Ironclad allows you to accept and reject tracked changes made by counterparties with a few clicks. When you’re done, you can email a DOCX copy to your counterparty directly from within Ironclad. Less time chasing down files on your desktop and in your cloud storage means more time focusing on your team’s legal priorities.

"With Ironclad, you don’t have to review the same contract multiple times with different people. Ironclad facilitates the signatures, the review process, the redlining, and negotiating — it really is seamless."

Elyssa Dunleavy

Assistant Vice President, Advertising Counsel

L’Oréal USA


Empower negotiations at scale

Preserve your leverage, standardize clause substitutions, and accelerate your negotiations with Playbooks: the only tool that allows legal teams to embed negotiation guides directly in their contracting workflow. Educate and empower your team by building out a guide for negotiating agreements. Quickly surface and apply language that protects your leverage while streamlining review cycles with your counterparty. Playbooks is simple to manage and update, allowing legal teams to improve the Playbook based on negotiation feedback and contract outcomes.

Ken Hoang headshot
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Ken Hoang

Senior Contracts Manager


Ironclad’s activity feed provides us with a centralized place where we all collaborate. So everyone has transparency, decisions can be made faster, and the contract lifecycle can be completed so much quicker.

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