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Give legal control over every version of your online terms.

Terms management lets your legal team move fast when online policies need updating or litigation is looming. Legal is in control of every aspect of the terms management process, from publishing updates to auditing individual contract records.

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[Ironclad] eased the burden on everyone with respect to updating, tracking, collecting, storing, and retrieving proof of acceptance and the version in effect at the time of acceptance.

— Aurora Kaiser, Vice President, Associate General Counsel at Upwork

Track, manage, and publish updates to your online terms in one place.

Finally, legal has complete control over every version of your online terms. And you don’t need to go through the frustration of filing a ticket with your engineering team to make a minor change to your Ts & Cs. Easily publish updates to every instance of your online terms right in Ironclad. And don’t worry, we capture and store the previously published versions, all the way back to the beginning of time.

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If you can’t prove it in court, none of this matters. 

Ironclad built industry leading features, like Snapshots, in direct response to case law to make sure your agreements are completely enforceable in court. To provide point-in-time evidence, we automatically capture snapshots of your counterparty’s experience. Go about your day, Ironclad has your back. 

Ironclad Acceptance 2021
Ironclad Acceptance 2021

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