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Speed up your sales cycles with the only contract management tool that both sales and legal teams love to use—with seamless CRM integrations.


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Salesforce Integration Stylized Screenshot




reduction in negotiation rates




faster average contracting time




business days average processing time

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Automate high-velocity deals

No more waiting on legal to approve standard terms, or replicating countless NDAs. With Ironclad, you can empower your sales reps to easily create contracts right in Salesforce so you spend less time on repetitive admin work and more time creating scalable processes.



“A process that could have taken weeks can now be spun up in minutes.”

Headshot of Kevin Stanizewski, Manager, Mid-Market Sales, Asana

Kevin Stanizewski,

Manager, Mid-Market Sales, Asana

Master complex deal cycles

Some deal cycles have so many moving pieces it feels like a full-time job just tracking down the latest contract version. Now you can keep all stakeholders—internal and external—collaborating in the same spot, sharing the same context, with a contract activity feed and automated approvals. You’ll always know exactly where every deal stands.



“Legal, deal desk, and sales collaborate on redlines right in Ironclad. It’s foolproof to know which documents have been approved and what needs to happen next.”

Ashley Hanks

VP, Head of Commercial Operations, Anaplan

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Forecast sales accurately

Validate best-case projections with real-time data that answers questions like: How many contracts are in the redline stage? How engaged is the counterparty? Who’s currently holding the contract? Pair up those insights with precise sales process metrics to improve collaboration across teams and accelerate your deal cycle.



“I knew Ironclad was a no-brainer when I saw how the reporting functionality worked and the API and Salesforce plugin. There is nobody else that can do this for us.”

Katie Morgan Portrait

Katie Morgan

Director, Business Analytics, Texas Rangers

Seamless integrations

Now your sellers can control negotiations and close more deals, faster, without needing to switch between tools. Hundreds of customers use Ironclad within Salesforce or other CRM to close deals with a click and stay on top of critical updates as they happen.


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