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We build contracts software to take
legal teams to the next level.

We believe…


Legal teams should be doing legal work, not paperwork.

Contracts are business decisions trapped in administrative tasks. Ironclad is software that does all the administrative work better left for a computer, freeing legal teams to do substantive work and drive business strategy.

Contracts should be business assets, not risk assets.

Contract management vendors focus on contracts as risk assets: documents that, when poorly managed, expose companies to significant, surprising risks. While not knowing what’s in your contracts can certainly be dangerous, we prefer to focus on the valuable intelligence you can extract from them to drive business decisions.

Move fast—but don’t break things.

We’re bringing Silicon Valley technology to legal teams, but without all the Silicon Valley disruption. With a public API and seamless integrations, nothing about your current process needs to break when you start using Ironclad. Get more out of tools like Dropbox, DocuSign and Salesforce, and rest assured that your contracts will be stored in the folders and databases you’re already using.

Build products that legal teams love using.

Software that is clunky, inflexible, and hard to use are products that no one uses—wastes of money, resources, and time. By focusing on legal teams’ needs, we’ve created a product that is easy for legal teams to learn and love using.

Meet our founders.

Jason Boehmig (CEO) and Cai GoGwilt (CTO) founded Ironclad, Inc. to combat barriers to legal work that they encountered regularly as, respectively, a corporate attorney at Fenwick & West and a software engineer at Palantir Technologies.

Together, they built a team of Silicon Valley engineers, lawyers and legal professionals committed to building a simple, flexible and open solution for legal teams.

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We empower legal teams
to do great things for their organizations.

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