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Digital contracting needs and budgets differ. A lot. That’s why we’ve developed an industry-leading suite of solutions to meet you where you are. Whether you’re looking to analyze legacy agreements with AI, streamline all contract creation, or track online agreements across all of your platforms, we’ve got you covered. Work with us to design your digital contracting journey, and get a thoughtful quote to match.

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Ironclad Cost vs. ROI

A Tool That Pays You Back

The Total Economic Impact™ of Ironclad

Cost Savings, Business Benefits, and a 314% ROI

Forrester® interviewed five representatives at five organizations using our platform and concluded the following three-year financial impact from Ironclad:

  • 314% ROI
  • 65% improvement in end-to-end contract efficiency
  • 60% operational efficiency lift for legal and reduced outside legal spending
  • 25 basis-point profit-margin expansion


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"We increased our workload by about 40%, managed increased complexity, improved [customer profitability], and improved confidence."

Anonymous User

Quoted in the Forrester® TEI™ Report

Reclaim Your Time

Contracts are vital to every organization, and that isn’t about to change. What can change is the amount of time and effort your team has to spend on them every day. With Ironclad, you can:

  • Extract insights from contract and process data to improve operations
  • Let AI take care of the more routine tasks
  • Search a central repository to find contracts quickly and easily
  • Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders from within the platform
  • Maintain the highest levels of security and compliance

Simplify with AI

Import legacy contracts and third-party paper in minutes. AI scans and tags your documents, making the information you need instantly searchable in your repository.

And as you create contracts with Ironclad, our workflows capture data you can use to set up alerts, automations, and integrations that save time and drive intelligent decision making.

"With Ironclad's Smart Import, uploading legacy contracts is 40-50% faster and we get 2-3 times more contract data than before. It solves one of my biggest pain points."

Daniela Lagoteta

Legal and Compliance Analyst


Collaborate Effortlessly

Manage redlining and revisions in one place. See what your counterparty and teammates are working on. Keep track of every revision, comment, and edit.

"Collaboration and transparency between legal, sales, and customer support when we're trying to quickly get an amendment, contract, or any legal document out the door. It has improved SLAs and speed of response and completion time by at least 25%."

Nick Avagliano

Senior Customer Revenue Manager


Say No to Endless Downloads and Uploads

Ironclad gives you native DOCX editing capabilities in your browser. Keep your documents accessible at all times and collaborate with others via @mentions, without having to track files in multiple places.

"With Ironclad, you don’t have to review the same contract multiple times with different people. Ironclad facilitates the signatures, the review process, the redlining, and negotiating — it really is seamless."

Elyssa Dunleavy

Assistant Vice President, Advertising Counsel

L’Oréal USA

Customize your Workflows

Add approvers and signers as needed. Use conditional clauses to involve new stakeholders only when absolutely necessary, to avoid creating bottlenecks. Build your approval routing to ensure automatic contract compliance.

"There's no way we could have done our recent deals without having access to the types of workflows and reports that can be done with Ironclad."

Don McGowan

General Counsel


headshot of ashlee best
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Ashlee Best

Legal Operations Manager


Ironclad’s team are true partners. They’re always right there by your side, doing whatever it takes to help your legal team succeed.

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Leo Rodriguez | Ironclad Product Marketing

Ironclad Pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ironclad worth the cost?

Yes, because managing contracts is necessary to run your business. Some companies have to manage thousands of contracts that span multiple departments, from vendor agreements to employee offers.

We build our platform to manage the entire contract lifecycle process and gave it an intuitive interface, so all of your business teams will be eager to adopt. Each implementation can be customized to suit your specific business needs. And your customer success team will be dedicated to making sure you get the most value out of your investment.

Do I have to pay more for security?

Absolutely not. It’s critical for Ironclad to keep your documents secure while they’re being created, edited, stored, and processed.

Enhanced document security includes encryption and cloud-based deployment. We ensure encryption of all data in transit (using TLS 1.2 or higher) and at rest (through AES-256). We use the US-hosted Google Cloud Platform for production servers and operates in multiple zones to create robustness against outages.

Security Scorecard gave Ironclad a grade of A, higher than all of our known competitors.

Will only the legal team see the value?

Ironclad was built by legal professionals, for everyone. We pride ourselves on providing end-to-end contract management that anyone can use — meaning sales, procurement, operations, marketing and other departments also have the ability to create, review, collaborate and store contracts in one place. Business users find Ironclad simple to use and adopt across teams.


Do integrations cost extra?

It depends; some integrations are complementary and some are an add-ons. Ironclad supports integrations with many popular platforms, like Coupa, HelloSign, and Box, as well as provide our own API. Our Salesforce integration is AppExchange approved. With this integration, sales users have the ability to automate contract creation and launch a legal-approved contract in seconds, and can work directly from within Salesforce.

Can Ironclad be customized for my company?

Yes, all businesses can use Ironclad. As opposed to other contract management platforms that rely on a cookie cutter format, Ironclad uses a no-code Workflow Designer that allows any type of customization and approval workflow, no matter the complexity. Ironclad uses conditional logic to create and manage infinite contract variations at scale, allowing your teams to replicate any legal process.