Ironclad for Procurement

From contract kickoff to purchase, Ironclad enables your Finance, Legal, and Procurement teams to streamline and synchronize their contract approvals and review. Ironclad’s push-pull integrations with ERPs enable your business to track, approve, and monitor all company purchases alongside information on obligations and renewals. 

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All Contracts, one unified system

The versatility to handle every contract

Tracking spend across an organization is difficult when procurement contracts vary by source (company paper or third-party paper), department, and supplier.

Procurement teams choose Ironclad because of its flexible, no-code workflow configuration; its open integrations with ERP solutions; and its sophisticated contract data model.

100% Contract Compliance

Increase contract integrity with guardrails

Ironclad’s automated contract workflows ensure that every purchase process is not only efficient and compliant, but tracked in a comprehensive audit log.

Not only does that give Procurement complete context and transparency, it also ensures that the contract repository has accurate metadata on contract terms and relationships.

With these safeguards in place, Procurement can implement self-service purchasing procedures for teams across the company. That way, purchases that don’t require additional approval can be launched and completed independently.


Secure, Company-wide contract repository

Insight into obligations, risk, and more

Ironclad’s repository enables Procurement to easily search for contracts, set and save custom filter views, and review agreement abstracts without having to download contract DOCX or PDF files.

That enables Procurement to quickly answer questions around upcoming contract obligations, pending renewals, and negotiated discounts.

And because Ironclad integrates with major BI tools like Tableau, teams can set up contract analysis or reports that refresh in near real time.

Ironclad… is so much easier and more efficient to use. Sales and Procurement are now a lot happier with Legal’s turnaround time and the visibility into their contracts.

Heather Quinn, Contracts Administrator, Cofense


How Cofense Fast Tracks 1300 Contracts Every Year

Cofense needed to streamline their contracting process, but their first CLM solution only made matters worse. Since switching to Ironclad, however, they’ve achieved quicker turnaround times for Sales and Procurement, 100% adoption, and company-wide satisfaction.


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