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In-House Counsel’s Essential Role in Business Continuity

Build the business case for technology that helps Legal work agilely while driving business — even as teams work and collaborate remotely. Featuring senior legal leaders from Google, L’Oréal, Mastercard and Ironclad.

Dealbreaker to Dealmaker: Powering Sales & Legal

Build a harmonious partnership between Sales and Legal by aligning teams around shared processes, organization and technology in this exclusive guide from Ironclad leadership.

Dealbreaker to Dealmaker: Powering Sales & Legal

Inspired by our popular guide of the same name, this session features the authors offering hard-won advice on building a partnership between two essential teams responsible for driving business.

From Past to Present: The Rise of Digital Contracting

Learn how to distinguish a true solution amid all the noise and set up your legal team for future success by joining us for From Past to Present: The Rise of Digital Contracting.

Evaluating Contract Management: The Manual for Enterprise Legal

From reducing congestion in review cycles to unlocking the hidden potential of data, contract management technology is changing the way in-house legal teams do better business. Learn how to find the right end-to-end solution in this manual.

Modernizing Your Legal Team

Learn how to drive digital adoption in Legal with hard-won advice from Fitbit and Ironclad.

Leveraging Contract Data

Legal and contracts teams have an unprecedented opportunity to take advantage of contracts’ centrality to become business centers, rather than cost centers. Learn how legal can use contract metadata to drive efficiency and business growth in this on-demand webinar.

Legal Operations Field Guide

These days, Legal Operations makes the difference between a legal team that’s a business center and a legal team that’s a cost center. This field guide walks you through everything you need to know, from hiring to metrics to milestones.

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Ironclad Capabilities List

Our Capabilities List provides features offered in our core product, including workflow automation, storage, and metadata capture.

RFP Template for Legal Buyers

This RFP Template for Legal Buyers will help your legal teams competitively evaluate different contract management and workflow automation solutions.

Implementation Overview

Implementation and adoption are two pillars of the software evaluation process that are often treated as an afterthought–often too costly consequences. This Guide provides an overview of our implementation methodology, philosophy, and team. It lays out a 60-day plan for deploying Ironclad, from kick-off to go-live.

RFP Questions for Assessing CMS Adoption

You can use this RFP Questions for Assessing CMS Adoption Template to manage and track your projects with legal software vendors.

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