Embedded Contracts

Ditch the Clunky eSignature Envelope for Embedded Contracts

Embed legally enforceable contracts into every transaction point. Finally, you can show the right agreement, to the right user, at the right time. Every time. No matter the volume.

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clickwrap agreement example

Dynamically render the correct set of terms to users at every transaction point

Tailor embedded contracts with inputs from your website, launch forms, or app to customize contract language and fields. Integrate data from contracts back into your own internal systems to ensure your entire business benefits from the information in your contracts.

Capture and store enforceable contract records

Automatically track every transaction in Ironclad. Sleep well knowing you can download any record of an executed agreement in seconds, complete with customizable metadata (IP address, timestamp, device details, and a snapshot of the screen your user was looking at the moment of acceptance) to validate, prove, and enforce acceptance.


Kathy Zhu

Associate General Counsel


We have hundreds and hundreds of versions of our contracts, but legal doesn’t have to worry about manually selecting which contract to display. Ironclad Clickwrap does the work of showing the right contract at the right time.

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Chino Chasakara and Hana Mandapat