Ironclad at CLOC 2018

Ironclad was excited to be a Platinum sponsor of CLOC this year. We hope you are answering the call to "be the spark," as CLOC leader, Mary O'Carroll, rallied in her closing remarks.

To help you ignite change in your organization, download Ironclad's free tools—available now, through Friday, May 11.
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From Cost Center To Business Center: How To Leverage Your Contracts To Become Central To Your Business
Session #23, April 23 at 10:30am

Chris Young, GoFundMe GC, Jason Boehmig, Ironclad CEO, and Lucy Li, Ironclad Product Lead, shared a framework for transforming legal departments from cost centers to business centers.

Download these essential tools for Legal Operations: (1) Project Plan Template for Managing Your CMS Vendor, (2) RFP Questions for Assessing CMS Adoption, and (3) a Business Center Rubric, a legal operations audit tool.

CLOC Closing Celebration
Lily Lounge, Bellagio
April 24 at 9pm

We hosted a CLOC closing celebration at LILY Lounge on April 24. Thanks to all of those who attended!

HotelTonight Demo: How HotelTonight Used A Contract Workflow To Drive Business Value
Sunday, April 22 at 5:30pm, Rm 7
Monday, April 23 at 11:45am, Rm 5

Our Lead Legal Engineer and Deployments Manager Toby Willcocks and Elise Coffey, HotelTonight's Legal Team Paralegal, shared how they implemented Ironclad to fundamentally transform how HotelTonight's legal team drives business value.

Booth 313

We'll be at Booth 313 handing out care items and Las Vegas essentials. Stop by and say hello!

Session materials

At Ironclad, our mission is to empower legal teams to do business-critical work. This year for CLOC, we've prepared a few documents to help busy legal operations professionals empower your teams:

1. RFP outline for evaluating technology for adoption
2. Project Plan Template to manage your tech vendors
3. Rubric for evaluating where your legal team is in on the cost-to-business center spectrum

We look forward to sharing more about these documents during Session 23! In the meantime, let us know which document you're interested in to gain early access.

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