Pearls On, Gloves Off 

With Mary O’Carroll

What does it take to run a high-performing business?

Strategy, finesse, and a lot of advice from people who’ve been-there-done-that before. 

Join Mary O’Carroll, Ironclad’s Chief Community Officer and former president of CLOC and Director of Legal Operations at Google, on her acclaimed podcast to hear from the leaders building some of the most innovative companies today. We’ll take a high-value, no-holds-barred approach to find out what works. 

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Meet Mary O’Carroll

Mary O’Carroll, founder of CLOC, is a results-oriented, data-driven executive passionate about creating and leading world-class organizations. She has a proven track record of forming teams, establishing scalable processes while experiencing hypergrowth, and managing P&Ls in both small and large companies.

At Google, Mary built and managed the operations of the legal department, allowing the organization to scale from 200 to 1300+ people, and has received numerous industry awards for her innovative approach.

Mary established and led the fastest growing and most influential member-based organization in the legal industry, known for driving industry innovation and change.