Ironclad Clickwrap

Online agreements without the risk – even at massive volume.

Clickwrap agreements are all over our favorite websites, apps, and devices. And we agree to them every day.

Show the right agreement to the right user at the right time. Ironclad Clickwrap makes transactions frictionless for your user and enforceable for your business, no matter how high your transaction volume.

Why Ironclad Clickwrap matters to your business:

  • Scale your transactions. Now, your business can handle high velocity and unlimited contract volume without fear of litigation.
  • Achieve peace of mind. Automated audit trail creation and centralized acceptance proof mitigates your business risk.
  • Accomplish contract standardization & automation. Grow and protect your business through scalable processes.
  • Minimize litigation risk. Today, 43% of companies fail to enforce their clickwrap terms in court. Proactively ensure you’re protected from liability.
  • Create a single source of truth. Manage all your online agreements in one, central location.

See for yourself how Ironclad Clickwrap can help you protect and scale your business.


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