The most powerful sales contracting integration on the market

Sales & Legal Win as One with Ironclad x Salesforce

Sales and legal get deals done faster with the only CLM powered - and used by - Salesforce.

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"Ironclad is one of the few companies I've seen that moves as quickly as Salesforce in adapting to what users need"

Nicole Greer
Head of Next Gen CLM, Salesforce

Ironclad x Salesforce

Streamline processes across your entire organization with the industry-leading CLM & CRM


Control, manage, and close more deals–directly in Salesforce

Sales reps can launch, review, negotiate, and approve contracts without leaving the tools they know and love, while rev ops can leverage powerful analytics to organize processes and forecast sales with unparalleled accuracy. Together, they’ll move–and close–like never before.

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Go from deal blocker to business enabler

With safe, secure, AI-powered guardrails enabling sales teams to self-serve contracts, legal teams spend less time on negotiations and back and forth and more time on strategic work that drives business growth.

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Integrate securely with a 100% no-code implementation 

Having breezed through Salesforce’s rigorous security review, Ironclad is the only CLM whose self-start integration is seamlessly mappable to any object in Salesforce, including CPQ systems and custom objects–right out of the box.

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Put the power of digital contracting directly into Salesforce. Sales teams can launch contracts from Salesforce, stay up to date on the contract status, and search completed contracts.

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