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Better Together: How Sales & Legal Can Close Deals Faster

Get tips, tricks, and advice for optimizing sales contract operations so your legal and sales teams can close deals quickly and seamlessly.

Whether it’s the chaos around getting last-minute contracts signed at the end of the quarter or trying to agree over terms and conditions for a high-priority deal, the sales and legal relationship can get a little spicy–but it doesn’t have to be.

So Ironclad Senior Deal Desk Manager, Nick Thompson, sat down with Nick Bolton, SVP Sales and Customer Operations at Producepay and Natalie Niadj, Associate General Counsel at Productboard to chat through how both teams made the most out of their uniquely powerful relationship. They shared tips, tricks, and advice for optimizing sales contract operations with Ironclad so their teams could close deals quickly and seamlessly. 

The discussion also featured a hands-on demo of a legal and sales fan-favorite integration: Salesforce.

Key Takeaways

Take the teammate approach. To streamline sales contracting processes, legal has to get sales on board. Approaching sales leaders and reps as key stakeholders with seats at the table instead of trying to force a top-down change will tip the scales when facing adoption resistance. 

Tailor your pitch with “WIIFM”. Not all your decision makers are going to care about all the same things. Make sure that as you go through the process of getting buy-in from different decision makers, you present improvements in areas they most value (i.e. “What’s In It For Me”). That means highlighting faster deal cycles for sales, smoother obligation and vendor management for procurement, better compliance for legal, and so on. 

Crunch your numbers. CLM analytics products like Ironclad Insights can be game changers in a myriad of ways, from spotting deal cycle inefficiencies to articulating the value of a legal team’s work. Take the time to set up some baseline reporting and start tracking a few key metrics. Before long, contract, deal cycle, and operational trends will start to emerge; act on them! 



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