Ironclad Third-Party Paper

Ironclad provides a seamless hub for all contract types, whether on third-party paper or company paper.

Ironclad makes contract requests involving third-party paper easy to intake, manage, and triage. Cut out unnecessary back-and-forth, automate approval workflows, and ensure that all third-party contracts and data are properly stored.

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Speed up contracting cycles

Without Ironclad, business users have to rely on legal teams to manually process third-party paper needs. This often means endless back-and-forth emails to gather information.

Ironclad streamlines the process. Set up intake forms that capture all vital information. Business users simply complete the form and upload the third-party paper to get started.

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Automatically trigger approvals

Connect contract requests to the correct approvers. Powerful conditional logic intelligently routes contracts based on the information gathered from the intake form.

Approvals can be configured to accommodate organizational requirements. For example, if contracts above a certain monetary threshold require Finance approval, Ironclad can kick off that approval process with Finance first.

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Empower with end-to-end contract workflows

Once the third-party paper contract is in Ironclad, it has access to Ironclad’s powerful workflow engine, including:

  • Dynamic Repository. Easily search for contracts, set custom filter views, and review agreement abstracts with a centralized contract repository.
  • Activity feed. Provide visibility and context with a real-time activity feed that tracks document changes, approvals, and stakeholder comments.
  • E-signature. Use Ironclad Signature or Ironclad’s integrations with DocuSign, HelloSign, and Adobe Sign to send documents for signature.
  • Integrations with existing business tools. Ironclad’s robust API and integrations with Salesforce, Google Drive, OneDrive, and more empower teams to connect contracting data with existing business tools.

Ironclad gives me the control to create workflows that make sense for the needs of the business when I need them, while also empowering the business groups I work with to take an active role in managing contracts to completion.

— Shane Riehl, Contracts Negotiator, Glassdoor

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