The Forrester Total Economic Impact Study

Cost savings, business benefits, and a 314% ROI, enabled by Ironclad

As businesses seek to understand and control their contracting processes, enterprises and mid-size companies require a contract lifecycle management solution to drive greater contract management efficiency and support business growth. A CLM helps reduce risk, accelerate revenue cycles, control spend, improve supplier relationships and performance, and increase overall business resilience.

To research the cumulative effect of a modern contract lifecycle management tool, Ironclad commissioned a Total Economic Impact™ study from Forrester Consulting. In this 2023 study, current Ironclad CLM and Clickwrap customers detail the ways their contracting processes have improved and the direct results of those changes.

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“There’s no way we would be able to do the number of deals that we did with Ironclad in 2022…if we had been essentially stuck with our old tool. The cycle times would have been too long.” 

– Head of Legal Operations, Technology


Overall, customer interviews and financial analysis found that a composite organization using Ironclad experiences a three-year ROI of 314% with significant efficiency improvements and savings from:

  • 65% lift in end-to-end contract efficiency
  • 60% lift in operational efficiency for legal
  • 25 basis-point profit-margin expansion
  • 3% conversion lift from Clickwrap

Read the entire study to learn about the business and financial benefits across legal, sales, and procurement teams from using Ironclad’s industry-leading CLM and Clickwrap solutions.

Discover how Ironclad drove 314% in ROI. 


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