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Legal Engineering and Customer Success: Partners in Your Deployment Success

September 2, 2019 2 min read
legal engineers


Legal Engineering

Your strategic thought partners and tactical deployment managers.

Ironclad Legal Engineers sit at the intersection of law and technology. As both legal operations subject matter experts and implementation specialists, they don’t just build your workflows. They also partner with you to design and implement solutions that work for your organization, and to create immediate, measurable value for your legal team.

“The customers I work with range from major league baseball teams to nonprofits to Fortune 500 retailers. I love working with them to solve their hardest operational problems.”

— Efren Bonner
Legal Engineer
Previously at McKinsey
JD, Harvard Law


Customer Success

Your dedicated user onboarding and engagement experts.

Ironclad Customer Success Managers are passionate about helping you get the most out of Ironclad. They are your biggest advocates and bring a wealth of user onboarding and adoption experience to your deployment. Their adoption tool kit includes live trainings, user guides on video and in print, and custom documentation of your company’s workflows.


“As a Customer Success Manager, my job is to put the customer first. If Ironclad isn’t making you an absolute superstar within your organization, then I’m not doing my job.”

— Darya Dehnad
Customer Success Manager
Previously at Oracle

Meet your deployments team

Every Ironclad deployment gets a dedicated team that includes an Executive Sponsor, a Customer Success Manager, and a Legal Engineer. Resources are allocated based on the size, scale and complexity of your deployment.

Unlike other solutions providers, implementation and adoption are included in the cost of Ironclad so that our teams can focus on getting the job done right, rather than billings. They’re the best and brightest, and they are deeply invested in your success. Here’s a representative team:




90-day deployment plan

As a Silicon Valley company, it’s in our DNA to work fast—but not to break things. We deploy workflows using an “Agile” methodology, meaning we emphasize rapid delivery of workflow prototypes in response to continuous feedback.

As a customer, you can expect weekly releases of new features to our core product, updates to your workflows when you need them, and your first workflow delivered in 90 days or less.


Our Promise

We are the only company that makes software specifically for legal teams.

We will go above and beyond to make your legal team successful. We simply care more than anyone else.

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