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Introducing Slack Integration and Powerful New Salesforce Features

May 17, 2023 3 min read

It’s no secret – the number of tools we use on a daily basis has ballooned over the last decade. In fact, a recent study found that “a surplus of digital workplace tools places a cognitive burden on employees, as it takes time for people to stop and think about where to find each tool.” Sound familiar?

At Ironclad, our goal is to streamline the contracting process – from end to end – to make contracting faster, more efficient, more impactful, and, simply put, easier. In December of 2022, we launched the Ironclad Ecosystem, a network of strategic partnerships featuring the tools you already know and love, like Salesforce, OneTrust, and Zapier. By connecting contracts to the wider business ecosystem, your contracts sit right alongside your tech stack – allowing you to work in (and get more value from) the tools that you’re already using.

Introducing Slack to the Ironclad Ecosystem

Today I’m excited to announce our newest addition to the Ironclad Ecosystem – Slack. This is a prime example of connecting Ironclad to the critical tools you’re in on a daily basis to drive efficiency.

With the new Slack integration, teams across legal, sales, finance, and more can:

  • Stay up to date on your contracts without leaving Slack: Ironclad’s Slack notifications allow you to review workflow details, read comments and get alerted when you need to approve.
  • Customize alerts to meet your needs: Executives who are doing the signing usually need different notifications than, say, a legal team member who wants to be alerted about every approval. With the Ironclad Slack integration, each user can customize their own notifications preferences, to get as many – or as few – notifications as they need.
  • Launch a contract right from Slack using a Slash common: Users can simply type “/request-ironclad-contract” to request a contract, select the contract type from (inside Slack), and then get automatically redirected to Ironclad to complete the exact form you need to start your contracting workflow.


Slack integration in action

To learn more about how you can bring the power of Ironclad to Slack, book a demo with our team.

Make Salesforce a one-stop-contract-shop with powerful new feature updates

Salesforce is arguably the most used tool in sales – which means teams are spending a big portion of their day in it. To help sales teams move faster while staying compliant, we’ve invested heavily in our Salesforce integration over the years to bring the contracting process directly into tools they use regularly. In fact, through Ironclad’s Salesforce integration, we’re seeing contract launches happen four times faster when launched from Salesforce, saving your sales users significant time as they try to drive revenue.

With the latest updates to our Salesforce capabilities, companies can now:

  • Upload contracts for contract review (redlines) and fully-signed signature packets
  • Access Ironclad’s powerful document viewer, including version comparison, document labels, DOCX and PDF downloads
  • Communicate via embedded internal comments
  • Share documents to the counterparty directly

… all without having to leave the Salesforce interface. And these updates continue to build on the existing integration capabilities, which allow teams to:

  • Launch, review, negotiate, and approve contracts without leaving Salesforce.
  • Automatically import Salesforce data into contract workflows to eliminate duplicate data entry.
  • Ensure data consistency with Salesforce metadata updates automatically reflected in Ironclad.
  • Stay up to date in Salesforce for things like contract approval and signature status to keep all parties updated on where the contract stands.
  • Centralize agreements associated with an object to see all relevant contracts for a customer in one place.
  • Act on contract data by including contract metadata in Salesforce reports.

We are excited to continue building out the Ironclad Ecosystem throughout the year – and have some big plans for additional partner integrations in just the next few months. Learn more about the Ironclad Ecosystem, or request a demo for a live walkthrough!

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James Baillie is the product lead for Ironclad’s collaboration group, where he oversees efforts to streamline the creation of contracts through Ironclad’s advanced editing, workflow & integration tools.