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The Twenty Minute VC: Q&A with Ironclad CEO Jason Boehmig

October 8, 2019 < 1 min read

Recently, Ironclad CEO and Co-founder Jason Boehmig joined the podcast The Twenty Minute VC for a conversation about legal technology and the recipes for success in product development, customer service and hiring. 

Founded and hosted by Harry Stebbings, The Twenty Minute VC offers an inside look into venture capital through the eyes of leading Silicon Valley founders and investors, including Bill Gurley, general partner at Benchmark Capital, Arielle Zuckerberg of Coatue Ventures and Wall Street Journal best-selling author and angel investor, James Altucher. 

Speaking with Harry, Jason shares his journey from corporate attorney to Silicon Valley founder, as well as his perspectives on the historical significance of contracts, the role of technology for today’s — and tomorrow’s — legal teams, the challenges of driving digital transformation in Legal and the importance of building focused, effective teams.

As Jason says, “We [Ironclad] want to be the central hub for business contracts across every company in the world. And we’re going to keep making as much progress as we can towards that goal every week, every day, every minute.”

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how Jason — and the teams at Ironclad — are delivering on this mission.

The Twenty Minute VC is available on Spotify, iTunes and desktop.

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