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Workflow Designer Reaches New Heights

March 3, 2020 2 min read

Ironclad Workflow Designer gives legal teams at businesses of all sizes the tools to streamline contracting processes — saving countless hours and tons of time. But the challenges facing modern Legal extend beyond contract workflows. Agreement processes must be able to adapt and keep up with other business areas. And they should work for all contract types, not just those written on your company’s paper, but third-party paper, too.

Build a Powerful Contracting Hub

Every company loves drafting contracts on their own paper. It makes things easy. Faster turnaround, quick approvals. But what if it were just as easy to work with third-party paper? Thanks to Workflow Designer, third-party contracts can be handled just as quickly and efficiently as a business’s own contracts. No more extra emails and clogged inboxes just to handle third-party paper reviews — just a one-stop-shop for every contracting need.

Workflow Designer takes the guesswork out of third-party paper. Contract intake and workflow generation take seconds, removing any speed bumps on your businesses’ way to a signature on the dotted line. Simply upload a template, tag the required fields, select any signers and add in conditional contract clauses and conditional approvers for any contingencies.

Create Workflows at the Speed of Business

Generating workflows with third-party paper is only half the full picture. All Ironclad workflows can be automated in minutes, in just a few clicks and dragging and dropping — not writing code. That means anyone on the legal team can modify contract template language, fine-tune approval routing workflows and ship updates instantly to keep agreements secure and compliant up to the minute. 

Thanks to Workflow Designer, every legal team can set key guardrails around commonly used agreements, update them as needed and deliver on-demand contracting to business users. 

Make the Most of Agreement Data

Workflow Designer doesn’t just streamline the process for managing third-party paper, it enables all contract data to be tracked and searched. Working in tandem with Dynamic Contract Repository, Workflow Designer unlocks the full potential of contract data living in third-party agreements. Search, filter, and report — by record type, contract amount, renewal date and more — on the contracts you need, exactly when you need them.

Learn more about how Workflow Designer can help streamline each of your contracting processes.

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